Inquiry: There is something positive in delusion

There is something positive in delusion.


No. It’s a thought.

What happens when I believe that thought?

When did I first have that belief?

When I saw people believing awakening is better than delusion.

Instead of finding that awakening is not better than delusion (which is simple and true),

I took it a little further and told myself there is something positive in delusion.

What do I fear would happen if didn’t have that belief?

I fear I wouldn’t see the positive in delusion. What’s more likely? Can look at it from more clarity, more balanced, neutral.

What’s the cost of that belief?

Get fascinated by delusion, don’t want to let it go completely.

Who would I be without that thought?

More neutral about delusion.

Wouldn’t be drawn to delusion.

Willing to see through a belief completely.


There is not something positive in delusion.

(i) Positive is just a story, reality just is.

The story of “positive” is a mind-made interpretation/overlay on reality which just is.

(ii) I don’t know.

(iii) My belief is that delusion is rich and juicy, and that’s another story.

(a) Reality just is.

(b) Delusion is rich and juicy –> clarity is rich and juicy.

Clarity allows for a far more free play of stories.

It allows for what I am noticing itself while playing in form and with stories.

It allows for a sense of wholeness, fullness, and also emptiness, capacity.

There is something negative in delusion.

Suffering is inherent in beliefs.

Thoughts, emotions, actions are in service of the belief – constrained by the belief.

My inner knowing my be at odds with the belief. (It necessarily will be.)

What I am don’t notice itself.

There is nothing negative in delusion.

Right. It’s a story. Reality just is.

– o-

What I find is more true….

(a) Awakening is not better than delusion.

(b) There is nothing positive in delusion.

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