Adyashanti: Conditioned patterns and their beliefs

If you get conscious enough, there is a part of consciousness that knows it’s not true, but that’s not the part that counts. It’s the belief, it’s right in there, that’s what needs to realize it’s not true, then it lets go of itself.
– Adyashanti, 6:50-7:05.

Byron Katie would ask you to ask yourself can I know that this is true? And you zero in on it and you stay right there. And you know when you don’t need to do it anymore because it will pop like a bubble. That’s when that belief pattern itself knows it’s not true because it will pop like a bubble.
– 7:05-7:40.

Yes. As a “global” awareness, it may be clear that the belief is not true. But a part of me – a subpersonality or conditioned pattern – may still take it as true and live as if it’s true, and that’s the part that needs to realize it’s not. It’s the belief itself that wishes to wake up and release itself out of its suffering. And it can only do that through a nitty-gritty investigation which includes the corresponding emotions and energies of the belief.

As global awareness, I may not need to do the inquiry, but the part that believes it – the belief itself – is the part that needs it, and that’s where I can do the inquiry from. What’s the world view from within the belief? What happens when it’s taken as true? Can I know the thought is true? How would it be to not have that thought?

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