Interview with Tom Stine

The teachers I am most attracted to are the ones who have not only experienced their own awakening, but have spent hours in their chair cleaning their garbage out.
– Tom Stine at 0:45.

I notice I had a couple of thoughts about the dialog during the more theoretical part in the middle:

They think they know. 

They think they are clever. 

They intellectualize too much. 

– 0 –

They think they are clever. 



Sure it’s true? 


What happens, how do you react, when you have that thought?

I feel uncomfortable.

I feel a hardness in me.

I create a separation to them.

I keep me safely here and them safely over there.

I protect myself.

I wonder if I should quit listening.

I make myself right and them right.

I have an uncomfortable feeling I am doing the same, that I am doing what I see in them.

I notice I go into a belief, and blame myself for it.

Who would you be without that thought? 

Receptive. A student.

Using what they say as questions, pointers.

Using them as mirrors for me.

Can I find what I see there also here? Can I find specific examples?


They don’t think they are clever. 

 1. They say you cannot really know.

2. They may be just like me, realizing it’s all guessing, all questions.

3. They may be just like me and doubt themselves in a very human way.

I think I am clever. 

1. When I think I know what they think, I think I am clever.

2. When I think I am better than them (in that one area), I think I am clever.

3. When I feel insecure, and resist it, I think I am clever (as an escape, refuge).

– o –

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