Judge Your Neighbor worksheet on a specific situation

Some benefits of writing the Judge Your Neighbor (JYN) worksheet and doing inquiry with a specific situation in mind:

It becomes specific and real.

It makes it easier to write several worksheets on the same person or thing.

I get to see the specific effects of that belief in that situation, (question #3) and how I would act without the belief (question #4). I may find how I first make myself stuck, and then how I am and what I do when I come from more clarity, creativity, kindness, and taking care of myself.

I see how my advice for the other is advice for myself, in that specific situation. It’s my own prescription for happiness and satisfaction.

Here is an example:

I had dinner at a restaurant with a friend, and we both had the thought that their service was poor. By doing a quick inquiry on “their service is poor”, I saw how I paralyzed myself with that belief. I didn’t take care of myself, and got stuck in resentment (#3). Without the thought, I was free to take care of myself (#4). And in one of the turnarounds, “my service is poor”, I saw that I could take care of my own service and make sure I got what I wanted. The practical result was that I went from resentment to freedom and satisfaction, and from sitting there with no water to getting up and asking for water.

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