TRE & Inquiry

I have organized a weekly TRE & Inquiry group this fall, and may do one or more day-long events after the holidays.

The day-long event could be on a theme, for instance relationships. Starting off with shaking, we could bring a stressful relationship experience to mind while trembling. Then write a worksheet on it and take it to inquiry. Then break. Then repeat with shaking and inquiry, on the same or a different relationship experience.

It seems that TRE and The Work work very well together. TRE helps release tension which supports inquiry. And inquiry can be helpful for finding more clarity around the beliefs that created the tension and trauma in the first place. It can also be helpful to do TRE twice the same day as it’s often quite different the second time.

Perhaps most importantly, both TRE and inquiry are very simple ways to support reorganization at emotional, mental and physical levels.

Other possible topics: Money, father, mother, siblings.

More info on TRE and The Work found at these links.

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