Question any thought

I can question a stressful (stress-creating) thought to find clarity and peace.

And I may question any thought to see what I’ll find. Sometimes, it’s an underlying stressful belief that I haven’t noticed as stressful simply because I am so familiar with it. I may also find that any unexamined thought creates stress, simply because it is – or may be – at odds with life at some point, in some circumstances.

I can do inquiry on the belief that I should have more energy, or I can’t do what I want. Behind that are several assumptions that I also can examine, such as my body is tired, it’s tiredness, it’s my body, it’s a body, it’s an I (it’s happening to). No thought is excluded from inquiry, and that’s the beauty of it.


I may find that any unexamined (believed) thought creates stress in the right circumstances, when it’s in friction with life (or my stories about life).

any belief = stress in the right circumstances, when triggered, when there is friction with life/reality

including the most basic ones, and the ones that appear most innocent

question a thought, may also question the most basic elements of that thought – I am, it’s pain/tiredness/fear,


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