Show me the stone which the builders have rejected

(66) Jesus said, “Show me the stone which the builders have rejected. That one is the cornerstone.”
Gospel of Thomas (Lambdin translation)

It can be fun to explore pointers from a more nondual context and inquiry.

I also notice a tendency to go to what’s already quite familiar to me. How would it be to stay with it as an inquiry and see what I find? How would it be to gather examples of how it’s true for me?

What’s coming up first for me here, with this verse from the Gospel of Thomas, is that what I may initially discard in myself and see as worthless or even problematic, often turns out to be the most valuable in hindsight, or when I have digested it more, found some resolution, or inquired into my thoughts around it.

I inquired into the simple label of a “dark night” and found a long list of genuine examples of how it’s a brilliant day, and the label doesn’t quite fit anymore. Someone who appeared as a bully to me in my childhood was equally or more a friend, and the bullying label doesn’t fit anymore. What appears as pain is revealed as something else, here too the label doesn’t fit anymore. The more challenging a situation appears, the more basic beliefs I am invited to inquire into in order to find clarity, peace and freedom. And all that’s required is simple, real and honest answers and examples to the turnarounds.

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