Dream: Hey, cut it out

Dream 1:

I am with a group and we go to a new ageish bookstore in an old caste. It’s a form of a gathering or party. I see two strong guys ganging up against another, bullying him. Many sees it but don’t seem to want to get involved. I shout hey, cut it out, knowing the bullies may turn against me. They look at me.

Dream 2:

I speak out against a powerful and wealthy man. He had hoped to have me join his group, instead I was honest, said what I saw, and spoke out against him. He set his people on me with the intention of beating me but I was able to escape. His men came after me a second time, and I again tried to escape.

In both cases, I spoke up against bullies, and in both cases I knew and was willing to take the possible consequences. It was worth it. In both cases, the dream also ended before anything happened. And the second dream was more of a third person dream, where the main character is someone else (although a bit similar to me in age and personality), and there is no “I” in the dream apart from the “camera”. Both dreams had quite similar themes, and were quite rich, detailed and vivid, as a well made movie.

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