Judge your neighbor

It’s quite common for folks new to The Work to think – as I did – my judgments are about myself, so why should I judge someone else, “my neighbor”?

And after exploring inquiry for a while, this question falls away.

It becomes very clear that it’s all about me. It’s all about my thoughts, my world of images and thoughts. There is a thought (a judgment), an image of someone/thing it’s applied to (me, other, the world), an image of someone judging (a me, an I), an image of a relationship among these (“I think he is noisy”), and perhaps even a thought judging all of this (“I should be over this by now”). And it’s all happening within my own world of images.

It’s about me in another way as well. Whatever images and thoughts I tend to take as true, is – at different times – applied to me, others, and the world. If I think it’s possible and/or undesirable to be wrong, I’ll think that about others, the world, and also me, at different times and in different situations.

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