Thoughts about other’s clarity

When I work as a client in a spiritual or therapeutic setting, or am a student in a class or workshop, I sometimes notice a thought saying it makes a difference how clear the facilitator or instructor is. And this clarity is not on the topic itself, although that’s of course important. It’s clarity on the nature of existence, our nature, and how thoroughly thoughts have been investigated.

Talking with Adyashanti, there is a sense of clarity and depth I have rarely encountered, and it invites a deep sense of recognition and trust in me. There is a similar experience when I talk with Barry. And with Byron Katie, there is obviously a sense of deep familiarity with the dynamics of beliefs in general, with a wide range of thoughts in specific, and what’s on the other side. During my session with Pamela Wilson, there is also a sense of a deep love, understanding, and appreciation for all the different ways reality manifests, including as worried love.

It’s not always that way, and when it’s not, some thoughts come up:

About Vigid G., a spiritual teacher in Norway: I am not safe with her. She is judgmental. She is using heavy artillery when a feather would be sufficient. She is making assumptions about my background. Her approach is provincial.

About B.A., my main TRE teacher in Norway: She takes my stories as real. She solidifies my stories. She clings to diagnosis for safety. She is misguided in her approach (taking stories as true and real). She is not qualified.

About the (previous) head Breema teacher: His strategy belongs to another culture and time. He is patriarchal / patronizing in his approach. He is familiar with the soul level, and not what’s next.

About a recent shamanic session: Her approach is misguided. She sees some things as bad / best gotten rid of. She doesn’t / should approach what’s here with deep love, understanding and appreciation.

In general: I need to work with a clear facilitator/instructor. The confusion of my facilitator/instructor may taint me. If my f/i is not clear (as clear as Adya, BK, Berry, Pamela), I am not safe. It’s possible for me to not be safe (as client/student).

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