Aspects of the dark night, and beliefs

I imagine several aspects of the dark night of the soul, from my own experience and what I have read and heard from others. And each of these may trigger some quite basic and universal beliefs.

Thoughts may say…..

It’s a dark night of the soul. It’s necessary for my path. There is something for me to learn. It will stay until I get it.

It will deepen until I get it. My life will continue to fall apart until I get it.

It’s a dark night of the soul….

God removed him/her/itself from me. I lost connection with God. I did something wrong. I lost my path.

I lost my passion. I lost my clarity. I lost my direction. I did something wrong.

My life is misspent. I made the wrong choice. I missed out of opportunities.

My mind doesn’t work. My mind doesn’t work as before. My mind is not clear. My mind is not functioning well.

My health is not good. I lost my health. I did something wrong.

My friends left me. They didn’t like me anymore. I changed too much. I changed for the worse.

It’s shadow material. I need to process what’s surfacing. I need to find clarity on what’s surfacing.

I am messed up. Others are less messed up than me. It’s endless.

It’s too much. I can’t take it. It’s overwhelming. I am not up to the task. Life chose the wrong person for this path.

It’s easier to escape than meet these emotions. It’s easier to escape than investigate these thoughts. Something terrible will happen if I meet these emotions / investigate these thoughts.

Another experience is better / easier. Another (his/her) life is better / easier.

I need to be rescued. I need someone to rescue me. I need God to rescue me.

It’s taking too long. I don’t get it. I am slow. Others get it faster / better than me. Others are up to the task, I am not.

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