Bentinho Massaro: The fear of aloneness

Ironically, the way to free oneself from the fear of ‘being alone’ is to let go of the idea of ‘others’ fully, and re-awaken in one’s aloneness. Accept the notion that you, consciousness, will forever be alone… Sink into that sense of aloneness, deeper and deeper, without coming to any conclusions about what it is.

If you wish to realize what Aloneness truly is, and the freedom on the other side of that black hole, you need to let go of the idea that there are others in a world out there that will love you and be with you.

As you let go of that world-view and the fear of eternal aloneness dawns on you – because you are about to let go of the hope that others are a source of love… – let the fear for aloneness come, invite it in, knowing that it is a good sign for it means you are about to break free from it and dispel the illusions from your soul.

Let the fear in as much as you can. Don’t take it serious at all, but sincerely embrace it, invite it, see it, shine your light on it fearlessly, courageously…

And as this fear grabs you by the throat and reaches it boiling point within your embrace of it, within the light of awareness… It will start to disappear…

Suddenly, there is that timeless nothingness left… but the more one stays tuned to that timeless ‘aloneness’, the more one sees that it is this aloneness that contains all the potentials and all the manifestations of all the universes, all beings and all dimensions within it. Thus, this aloneness you feared turns out not to be aloneness, but All-One-Ness.

The only thing that caused fear, was the illusory thought that there even is such a thing as aloneness. That’s why you kept yourself so occupied with hope for ‘others’ to fulfill you.

But now you see, that all others out there, are but a few possibilities projected at any given time, out of this infinite pool of possibilities that lie within this Oneness.

You ARE the One that contains ALL THAT IS.

Everyone you ever met is a portion of you. In the heart of Self, no being is ever separate from another. Only the physical focus of consciousness allows for the illusion of separation to exist.

That’s why it’s such a wanted place. It offers catalyst for quantum leaps like no other dimension can. Suffer while you can. 🙂 Seeing it in this light, the suffering is embraced and as such, becomes sweet and unifying and healing, instead of separating and victimizing.

– Bentinho Massaro

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