Adyashanti: When you get down to the simplicity of it

“When you get down to the simplicity of it, there’s just you, your yearning, and the stillness that beckons you. That’s the unknown. It’s naked, it’s simple, and it’s yours. It doesn’t belong to anybody else.”

“You can approach an opening with respect and intention that your system be given only what it can handle and still feel balanced. You can say, ‘That’s enough for right now.’“

“You can skip over your psychology and go right to the question, ‘Who am I?’ But if you skip over it, that psychological material will still be there.”

“This perspective has a deep intelligence to it and a deep love. It uproots all of the old thought structures. It’s like a solvent that runs through your being.”

“The real emptiness empties your system out. That’s what the real purification is.”

“Most egos are afraid of the infinite and project a kind of death into awakening. When the ego gets afraid, ‘Oh my God, I don’t exist,’ just open to the experience of not existing. See if it’s as terrible as your mind thinks it is.”

“Never try to make your awakening look like somebody else’s.”

– Adyashanti, quotes from session 4 from The Way of Liberation webcourse.

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