Here is something I notice these days:

When several subpersonalities surface, each with their own beliefs and worldviews formed in different situations (and recreated and maintained now), there may be a sense of fragmentation. And, in a sense, many or all of these subpersonalities are insane. They operate from certain beliefs which “I”, as a global whole, recognize as insane. There is insanity here when these surface, and yet “I” as a whole, this clear awakeness, is not insane.

It’s a strange situation, with all of this which a thought may label fragmentation and insanity. And yet this too is very natural. It’s the suffering parts of the mind surfacing to be seen, felt and loved. They surface to find liberation from their own suffering. They surface to align with clarity, love and reality, and integrate in a different and more mature way into the psyche as a whole.




– fragmented psyche, different parts (subpersonalities) come up to be felt, seen, loved, mirrored in my life circumstances/outer world

From their own perspectives, the way they perceive the world and (want to) act in the world, makes perfect sense.


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