It’s life

What do I perceive as existence, or life?

Is it nature? The universe with its galaxies, solar systems, planets? Clouds, mountains, rivers, forests?

Is it culture? Habit, customs, rituals, mythology, how we collectively organize our lives?

Is it what appears outside of “my” control? Life circumstances? Illness? Health?

Is it what thoughts sometimes takes credit for? Choices? Clarity? Confusion? Impulses? Intelligence? Creativity? Images? Thoughts? Feelings?

What do I at a feeling level see as outside of existence or life?

Is it true that these are not life?

A choice is life appearing as a choice. A thought is life appearing as thought. A wish is life appearing as a wish. A dream is life appearing as a dream. A sense of me or I is life appearing as me and I. Thoughts may take credit or blame for these, and that too is life appearing as a thought taking credit or blame. Mind identifies and that’s life appearing as identified mind. Mind is non-identified, and that’s life appearing as non-identified mind.

It’s not personal. And yet it’s personal in that it appears in connection with this human self, and it’s experienced as personal as soon as a thought takes credit or blame for what’s here.

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