Returning home

Some ways I return home….

By experiencing what’s here, especially in sensations. Opening to sensations and whatever beliefs may say it’s uncomfortable, dangerous.

By living from what’s true for me now. Asking myself what do I want in this moment. Admitting it to myself. Finding the courage to live from it.

By finding what’s more true for me than an image or thought mind temporarily identifies with.

By holding satsang with wounded, confused, hurt parts of my psyche. Welcoming them, thanking them, seeing their love for me, asking how they would like me to be with them, asking them what they really are, finding love for them.

By giving what’s here over to the divine, to Christ. Giving these beliefs, this wound, this confusion, this situation, this life, this identified mind, over to the divine.

By reality noticing itself. Awakeness (presence, love) noticing all – the whole field of experience – as awakeness (presence, love).

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