Labeling experience

A thought labels an experience. It may say it’s joy, pleasure, fear, dread, stuckness, physical pain.

Another thought may say it’s desirable or undesirable, something to keep or try to change.

And if these thoughts are taken as real and true, if they are not examined and questioned, it all seems very real.  Mind perceives, feels and acts as if it’s real.

And yet, it’s all created by unexamined thoughts, and mind identifying with the viewpoints of these thoughts.

The reality is that what’s here is not the label, it’s not inherently terrible or good, and it lives its own life – as do any responses to it.

It’s here to protect me. Any response in me, any emotion or physical sensation, is here to protect me. It’s devoted to me.

It’s love, and it can be recognized as love and met with love. And that’s what it has wished for. It can relax.

When a thought says “it’s dread” and “undesirable”, and mind identifies with that thought, it’s awakeness fighting itself.

And when that’s seen, it seems quite ridiculous and the dynamics fall apart, to the extent it’s seen (examined), felt (experienced, noticed as already allowed) and loved (recognized as love and met with love).



– a thought will label an experience (joy, dread) and then say it’s desirable or undesirable
– and yet, that’s all from the thought
– the reality is, it’s an experience, it’s love and can be met with love, it’s there to protect me (any emotion, physical sensation)
– it’s awakeness itself
– when a thought says it’s dread and undesirable, and it’s believed, it’s awakeness fighting itself
– and when that’s seen, it seems quite ridiculous, it falls apart (to the extent it’s seen/felt/loved)


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