Fears about surrendering to God

Some fears/beliefs about surrendering to God, Christ, the higher self:

I won’t get my needs me. I won’t get my wounds healed. I won’t get what I want in life. I won’t have a good job (live in a good place, be in a good relationship). I will have to abandon my own wishes, wants and needs.

God has other priorities than me. I can’t trust God. God is cruel. God doesn’t care what I want. God doesn’t care if I have a good life.

I won’t get the work I want (live in a place I like, be in a relationship I want). I will have a job I don’t like (live in a place that doesn’t feel right, be in a relationship that doesn’t feel good). I won’t have the life I want.

Something bad will happen if I surrender to God.

Surrendering to God is not like surrendering to kindness, wisdom, love.

God is not kind, love, wise. God is other (different from who/what I am).

God is not to be trusted. God cannot be trusted. God is unpredictable. God is an idiot.

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