An end to the dark night

I’m sure you must really wonder if there will ever be an end to this dark night?

From an email from Barry.

A dark night can “end” in perhaps three ways.

One is to question the label “dark night”. When I do, I find I can equally well call it a bright day. It’s a bright day because life invites my remaining identifications to be seen, loved, and seen through. And either one – dark night or bright day – is just a label.

Another is for the content and characteristics of the dark night to end. For me, it’s been a reversal in just about all areas of life. Where there used to be clarity there is confusion. Where there used to be global clarity (reality awake to itself), the parts (of the psyche) that doesn’t yet have that clarity are on the surface. Where there used to be passion there is dullness. Where there used to be passion and energy there is fatigue. Where there used to be a clear way forward, there is none. Where there used to be good health there is illness. Where there used to be plenty of resources and clarity in relating to what’s coming up, there seems to be very few resources. And so on. It’s all an invitation to notice beliefs and identifications, and find what’s more true.

And the third way is for the resistance to the dark night to end. To find clarity on the beliefs and fears creating the appearance and experience of resistance. To allow life to wear off remaining identifications. There seems to be a lot of remaining beliefs and identifications here, many of them related to being unloved, unlovable, health, feeling safe and survival fears.

My sense is that the first and the third of these will allow the second to happen. As long as there is resistance and struggle, what’s resisted and struggled against may remain. And as soon as there is clarity on my thoughts and images about the dark night and what it brings up, as soon as there is peace with it and perhaps love for it, it doesn’t matter if it stays or not. So it’s free to move on.

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