Adyashanti: You come to truth by way of your delusions

You come to truth by way of your delusions. Your delusions are actually the temple gate.
– Adyashanti

How have I experienced this?

(a) When I live from my delusions – my hangups, my beliefs, my identifications – life responds. My delusions are mirrored back to me. People and life will let me know. And in this is an invitation for me to examine my delusions and seeing through them.

(b) Also, when I examine and see through my delusions, it can lead to clarity. This happens in an everyday sense, where I may adjust my assumptions and identities to be a little more aligned with life and reality. And it happens in a more full sense when the velcro is loosened out of a combination of words, images and sensations, and when identification is softened or falls away through seeing what’s really there (examining beliefs, exploring the sense fields).

In both cases, my delusions are the path to truth. Coming face to face with – and examining – my delusions, can lead to finding what’s more true for me.

And that truth may be an everyday truth, and mean an adjustment of my assumptions and perceptions.

Or it can be a softening or release of identification with certain words and images, revealing the not knowing that’s really already here. 


– live from delusions, get the consequences
– examine delusions, content + how made up (dynamics, what they are made of – words, images, sensations)


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