Love is the universal healer

Love is the universal healer.

If it doesn’t heal the situation (an illness, circumstances), it heals our relationship to it. And that’s the healing we all deeply crave.

Love can be a feeling, and this can be found through practices such as prayer, loving kindness, tonglen, ho’oponopono, Heart Prayer, Christ meditation, heart flame visualization, and more.

Love can also be independent of feeling, through a falling away of delusion, and Spirit recognizing itself as all there is. This love is a lived love, independent of fleeting feelings.

Note: There are also other forms of love, or what our culture calls love. Romantic love is one of them, which is often mixed up with hopes and fears, and perceived needs. (And also wounds, wishing to be filled up with love, wishing to be seen as OK and more.)


– love, the universal healer
– feeling love, through metta, tonglen, ho’o, heart flame etc.
– love independent of feeling, through falling away of delusions, spirit recognizing itself as all there is


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