Resistance and love


Here are some ways I am exploring it:

Meeting it with kindness, love. Ho’oponopono. Holding satsang with it.

Resting with it. Notice. Allow. Feel the sensations, notice images and words, allowing it all. Welcoming it. Notice it’s already allowed.

Inquire into it. What do I find when I look for resistance? Can I find it outside of images, words, sensations? Can I find a threat in these?

Whenever I resist something, it’s because I take it as solid and a (potential) threat, and I reinforce that impression. That’s why it seems to strengthen, solidify, and persist. I am doing it. I reinforce my initial experience of it.

When I welcome it, and even find kindness or love for it, something shifts. I befriend it, so it appears more friendly to me. I may even see that the resistance is there to protect me, and comes from deep caring and love, so it’s easier for me to welcome it, and find kindness and love for it.

And when I examine it, and perhaps can’t find it (outside of images, words, sensations), see it’s not how it initially appeared, there is another shift. As the old saying goes, the snake is revealed as a rope. The resistance is revealed as made up of words, images, and sensations, and when these “unstick” from each other, the charge in it, and apparent solidity of it, softens or falls away.


– resistance
– resistance = fear
– meet with kindness, love, presence
– rest with it
– can also ask some simple questions, to see what’s already there


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