Ric Weinman – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Update March 2021:

If you are looking for the BATGAP interview with Ric Weinman, it can currently be found on Facebook.

There is also an Awareness Explorer interview with Ric on YouTube.

And another interview with Ric specifically about relationships.

Ric Weinman is the founder of Vortex Healing: Divine Energy Healing.

3 thoughts to “Ric Weinman – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview”

  1. I respect your decision to remove the interview with Ric Weinman. I understand that there was some problem at Amma’s ashram with a couple of vortexhealing students. I have no idea what was done by them (it would be interesting to know what they did and when they did it though) and wanted to reassure you that the vast majority of Ric’s students are really decent people that love Amma. In Detroit last year I asked Amma a question about a “block” that has kept me from going deeper into myself, and she knew I was a student of vortexhealing. She gave me a very beautiful and reassuring answer and ended it with “just keep doing what your doing.”

  2. Hi Carey and thanks for your comment. I think it was meant for Rick Archer and not me! I just posted the video here on my blog. You can contact him here or through his FaceBook page.

    Otherwise, as a Vortex Healing student, I agree that the decision to remove the video is a bit puzzling, especially since Rick didn’t give an explanation.

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