Why we feel lighter

Why do we sometimes feel lighter? For instance, if something desirable happens, or we have a release through inquiry, Vortex Healing, TRE, or something else?

Stressful beliefs (identifications, trauma) come with muscle contractions. In order to believe a thought, the thought has to be associated with sensations, and these sensations give the thought a sense of substance and reality. The thought feels true. The easiest way to have these sensations readily available is through muscle contractions. So when the mind needs to believe a thought, it contracts associated muscles to provide sensations, and these in turn give the thoughts a sense of solidity and reality. These muscle contractions feel dense and heavy. We – almost literally – feel the weight of our stressful beliefs or identifications.

So when we are either distracted from these stressful beliefs, or they are released, there is a sense of lightness. The muscle contractions lighten up or go away, so we feel lighter.


Initial notes……

  • why we feel lighter
    • beliefs/identification/trauma etc. = muscle contraction = feels dense/heavy
      • requires velcro – thoughts + sensations that appears stuck together – and contracting certain muscles is the easiest way to consistently have sensations that can lend substance to a thought
    • so when is released, feel more clear + lighter

Initial draft…..

Why do we feel lighter after a release – whether it’s from inquiry, vortex healing, TRE, or something else?

It’s because stressful beliefs (identifications, trauma etc.) comes with muscle contractions, and these muscle contractions feel dense and heavy. We feel the weight of our stressful beliefs or identifications.

So when these are released, the muscle contractions lightens or goes away and we feel lighter.

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