Embodiment involves awakening and healing

Embodiment is about living from the awakening, and it involves healing.

As I often mention: even if we notice what we are in a general sense, there are still parts of us at a human level that still operate from separation consciousness. These are parts of us caught up in painful beliefs, emotional issues, hangups, trauma, wounds, and so on (all names for more or less the same). When these are triggered, it’s easy for the mind to get caught up in the old patterns and react to them and live from them and from the separation consciousness they function from.

And as usual, there is nothing inherently wrong in this. It’s natural, understandable, and ultimately innocent. (Although it can trigger suffering in ourselves and others.)

That’s why embodiment involves healing. To live from the awakening in more situations in life, we need to shift how we relate to these parts of us, invite in healing for them, and notice their true nature.

Their true nature is our own true nature. They are capacity for themselves. When we see this, it’s easier to shift how we relate to them, out of reactivity and into noticing, allowing, and befriending. And it’s also easier to invite these parts of us to reorganize within the awakening and align with oneness. That’s ultimately how they heal. That’s the deepest healing.

This is one reason why, for me, awakening and healing go hand in hand. They are two sides of the same coin. (Another reason is that both have to do with living a more comfortable, enjoyable, and meaningful life, which is the topic for another post.)

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