Nature as a guide

This is one of the oldest themes of poetry and wisdom….

Use nature as a guide. Learn from nature. Take your cues from nature.

This seems to happen daily for me.

I have the thought I should make something more out of my life. My old dreams and plans were dashed for different reasons, including my health. I see the tendency of my mind to go into disappointment, sadness, hopelessness, envy, and so on. It’s natural and I know it does so to protect me, although it’s not so helpful.

And then I remember nature. A tree doesn’t think or feel it should live another life, that it should be taller or straighter or a different kind of tree. A fish is happy to live its life as a fish. A stream doesn’t feel it should be larger or in a different place. A cat may lose a leg and still lives its life as best it can as if it hadn’t.

So how would it be for me to do the same? I can find it in me. Nature helps me connect with this side of me.

I am nature. I have this in me too. And nature reminds me.

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