She got free from the chains of freedom

She got free from the chains of freedom

– Angel, Kings of Convenience

When it comes to freedom in a very basic sense – in terms of human rights and so on – it’s important to find freedom and support the freedom of others.

Beyond that, we can chain ourselves in the idea of freedom. If we hold our ideas about freedom tightly, that in itself chains us.

It’s good to examine our ideas about freedom…. What it means. What we hope to get from it. What we fear the most. What type of freedom we seek. Our identities around it. And if we hold onot the idea of freedom tightly, what we try to escape.

For me, the one freedom that resonates the most (beyond human rights etc.) is the freedom Adya talks about. The freedom to experience what’s here as it is.

This is all happening at the human level. As what we are, we are capacity for all of this. This human self and the wider world happens within and as what we are. Any ideas of freedom or not, and any situations these refer to, happen within and as what we are.

So we can work for some kinds of freedom for ourselves and others. We can examine our ideas about freedom, and find some freedom around these ideas. And we can find ourselves as that which any ideas about freedom, and what they refer to, happen within and as.

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