Like a prayer

When someone asks me what energy healing is, and depending on who is asking, I’ll often say: “It’s a prayer”, “it’s a prayer to the divine and life for healing”. 

Why do I call it a prayer? 

Because it’s something that many can relate to. It doesn’t require a lot of additional information. 

And because it’s accurate. It is a prayer. 

It’s the divine that does the healing. It’s life that does the healing.

It’s the natural healing processes of life that take place, apparently with extra support from the divine. 

Of course, there is a lot more going on as well. It involves sensing at a distance. It can involve a series of specific intentions. And so on. 

Note: During the awakening shift in my mid-teens, I noticed I could see energies. First around leaves against the background of the clear sky, and then also around humans, animals, and even inanimate objects. (Later, I especially found this useful in noticing the degree of awakening in someone’s system.) I also discovered I could sense at a distance, and especially the health situation of people, and invite in – sometimes remarkable effective – healing. For the last few years, this has taken the form of and been supported by Vortex Healing which is a form of divine energy healing. 

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