This experience too is most fundamentally content of experience

I had store-bought pizza last night, which is unusual for me, but I was somehow drawn to it. The result was predictable: a restless night and waking up feeling not very good. (Highly processed foods usually have a big impact on my system, including my emotional state.)

And that’s OK. I can still do some or all of the things I had planned for today.

More importantly, it’s an opportunity to explore.

It’s all content of experience. The weird feelings in my body, and the emotions and corresponding thoughts, are all content of experience. To me, it’s made up of what any experience is made up of.

It’s OK. It’s like any other experience. It’s most fundamentally like any other experience.

As someone said: It’s a flavor of the divine. It’s a flavor of consciousness.

So this uncomfortable experience is, in many ways, a blessing.

It’s an invitation to notice this and let my system soak in that noticing.

And I’ll still limit how often and how much I eat highly processed foods (!). I don’t need to actively seek it out to explore in this way since the content of experience is always in flux anyway.


I’ll say a few more words since it can be helpful for someone reading this, even if it goes a bit further into analysis. It goes one or two steps beyond a more immediate reporting.

To myself, I am most fundamentally consciousness. The world, to me, happens within and as this consciousness. It happens within and as the consciousness I am. And that also goes for anything my personality doesn’t like, including certain thoughts, emotions, states, and so on.

When my personality reacts, it’s helpful to notice that it is a reaction and that it’s all – whatever is going on including the reaction and what it reacts to – happens within and as what I am. It’s all fundamentally content of experience. It has the same nature as me. It is me. It happens within and as the consciousness I am.

This is a deepening of the awakening. It brings more of my psyche onboard with a conscious noticing my nature. It’s also a part of what some call embodiment. It brings it into my life more fully and thoroughly, one step and one piece at a time.

And when my system rests in this noticing, it seems that a reorganization takes place. My system – my bodymind – reorganizes within a noticing of all of it as fundamentally the same.

I assume this is what they call “one taste” in Buddhism. In some phases, that has been very strong and inescapable. In other phases, it requires a little more attention to notice when things come up that my personality doesn’t like.


It’s a beautiful sunny early-summer day outside of Oslo, and I had planned to do a few things with the house (cleaning and sorting more to get it ready to be sold), so my initial thought


If I want to put labels on it: It’s all consciousness. It’s happening within and as consciousness. It’s happening within and as the consciousness I am.


And if I want to put more labels on it: It’s happening within and as the consciousness I am.


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