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This is just idle speculation, but looking at Michael David Schacker’s chart of worldviews in transition, we see something interesting. The organic worldview was first formulated (according to his model at least) as the previous worldview, the mechanical, first gained a foothold. As one view finally is going mainstream and is in the process of transforming our culture, the next emerges.

If this pattern is repeated, then we can expect to see the post-organic worldview formulated within the next few decades.

And as the mechanical view roughly corresponds to the orange phase in Spiral Dynamics, and the organic with green and yellow/turquoise phases, the next post-organic view may correspond with the 3rd and 4th second tier phases.

Most of us are not quite sure what the 3rd/4th second tier phases look like, and similarly we don’t quite know what the post-organic (post-systems, post-integral) view may look like. It is just over the horizon, still.

It may appear to many of us today that the integral view – as formulated by Ken Wilber and others – is somehow “final” or “complete”, but that is also how it was for the pioneers of the mechanistic worldview. That too seemed to be the final answer, at least as far as they could tell.

And it also may mean that young people today into Ken Wilber’s AQAL model may be the old geezers in a few decades, desperately holding onto a worldview that initially was leading edge, then went mainstream, and then became somewhat outdated.

It is also possible that as we move into second tier views, there is just more of a refining and increased inclusiveness rather than dramatic worldview changes.

And it is possible that the next shift is on a whole different level. It may for instance have to do with what emerges when large segments of the population has awakened as Big Mind, there is more of an intimate integration within humanity and between humanity and technology, and Earth life spreads from Earth into larger areas of space.

Who knows.

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