Projections, Big Mind & Human Self

OK – another post on this topic! (I tend to rewrite things several times if I find myself drawn to a topic.)

Working with projections can occur at two different levels.

As Big Mind, everything is me. There is no room for projections or “working with projections”. It is all me anyway.

And as a human self, there is definitely room for working with projections. Any quality I see out there, in the larger world, is something that is also in here, in my human self. When I recognize this, it is a conscious projection. I have access to the quality in my own life, and can relate to it in a more conscious way when it appears in my self and others. If I don’t recognize it, it is a blind or unconscious projection. I don’t have access to it in my own life, and I tend to relate to it in a reactive way when it appears in myself and others.

And there is a beautiful relationship and mutuality between these two.

Noticing and integrating projections at my human level allows me to deepen into a transdual view, and eventually Big Mind. And dipping into and familiarizing myself with Big Mind allows me to more easily recognize and integrate projections at my human level. I am already familiar with being it – whatever quality it may be, which makes it easier to transfer to my human self and daily life.

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