Deeksha Process

The deeksha process – or rather the awakening process catalyzed by the deekhas – is obviously unique in each case.

At the same time, there seems to be a general or typical process as well, from the fragments of info I pick up here and there.

Three phases to oneness

For instance, I have seen described these three phases to oneness

  1. Awakening to/as the Witness
    As pure awareness, the seer, the Eye of Spirit, causal level, F9

  2. Deepening sense of no separation
    No separation with surroundings, and all of Existence

  3. Oneness
    As described by mystics of many traditions, including the Christian and Sufism

This oneness may still have a subtle sense of “I” and thus a subtle attachment to content. It is possibly an awakening to F8 (deity mysticism) in Ken Wilber’s framework.

Bhagavan (one of the two main channels for the deeksha energy) says that there is a further phase beyond this, and it is preceded by the dark night of the soul.

Transition to nondual

So the two next phases may then be…

  1. Dark night of the soul
    A detachment from sense of “I” and any content

  2. Nondual awakening
    What is awakens to its own nature, with no “I” anywhere. As the ground from/within/as which seer and seen – and any other polarity – arise.

My own process

At least, these phases seem to correspond somewhat with my own process. First an awakening as the Witness (induced by alcohol and lasting for several months), then an awakening to F7-F8 (nature and deity mysticism, lasted for several years), then the dark night of the soul (also lasting a few years), and then – possibly – a nondual awakening, as the ground (emptiness) all this happens within and as.

Dark night of the soul

I see that the way I write about the dark night of the soul is a little different from how it was initially, some weeks back. Now, I see it – at least in my own case – as coming after an F7-F8 awakening, clearing the space for a nondual awakening.

It is a pretty general term though, and can be used in several different meanings – mainly referring to a sense of loss of connection with the divine, with God. And that can of course happen at any phase of the process – at least until a clear and stable nondual awakening.

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