Flavors of disidentification

A few different flavors of disidentification from own (as always quite limited) experience…

The object of identification falls away, and with it – over time – the identification with it. It wears off.

I may see myself as an athlete, have a serious injury, and the identification with that identity falls away. (Usually replaced with something else.)

Or I may have a oneness experience, maybe for a long time, which then falls away and with it the identification with that state. (Here is the opportunity to recognize what I am independent of any states.)

The object stays, but the identification with it falls away. The identification with a story, an identity, falls away. This can happen – maybe most easily – through different forms of inquiry, such as exploring the sense fields and The Work. It tends to be a gentler process than the previous one.

Also, the object may come and go, so there is a recognition that I am not that. For instance, the sense of a center/I-other may come and go, and I recognize it in either case as awakeness itself.

In all cases, the disidentification is really with a story. And the amount of drama/struggle/suffering is proportional to the resistance to the process of disidentification. When the object falls away, there may be a good deal of drama. And it may be a little gentler if the object stays and we explore identification through inquiry. And even more gentle if the object comes and goes, and there is a natural recognition – over time – that I am not that.

There is nothing particularly mysterious about this. Wherever we are in our life, we all most likely have experiences with all three – and probably other variations that didn’t come to mind as I wrote this.

For me, different aspects of my human life has fallen away over time, and with them identification with certain identities. And when an apparently stable oneness state fell away after several years, there was a period of coming to terms with it and – after a while – a renewed interest in noticing myself more clearly as that which is independent of the always fluctuating content of experience.

I have examined identifications while the object is still around, through exploring the sense fields and The Work.

And content of experience in general always comes and goes, which is a pointer to find myself as that which does not come and go. This includes the the sense of a center/I-other – which has come and gone, and come again, and with it a slightly more clear recognition of both as awakeness itself.

    Initial outline…

    • object falls away, and with it – in time – the identification with it (wears off)
    • object stays, identification falls away (often gentler)
      • can happen through inquiry, or just grace (always grace)
    • object comes and goes, so recognize is not that – identification fades/falls away
    • in all cases, the amount of drama/struggle/suffering is proportional to resistance to what is happening/disidentification

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