The unembraced seeks embrace

The dark seeks the light. The unloved seeks love. The unseen seeks to be seen. The unfelt seeks to be felt.  The unappreciated seeks appreciation.

Last night after going to bed, a stream of shadow material surfaced again. Some it is was personal, and most of it was archetypal.

It’s easy for me to resist. To get up and have a cup of tea. To listen to a podcast. To go for a walk. To find someone to talk with in another time zone.

Instead I did as I sometimes do. I intentionally allowed the experience. Welcomed it. Opened my heart to it. Shifted into being it as me and awareness.

I also noticed a thought behind this shift: If I allow it now, it may burn itself out. I may not have to experience it again. It may end. And that is resistance too.

Opening my heart to even this resistance, there was a shift into more honestly welcoming and befriending the field of experience. A more honest welcoming and befriending of the stream of material, even if it would never end. It’s OK as it is. It’s more than OK.

Through it all, there was a support from remembering what Adya said in his Radio Adyashanti episode on the dark night: The dark seeks the light. This material seeks awareness and love. It seeks what I am. And there was also support from an exchange I had with my gratitude partner that same night on this topic.

Note: When this happens, there is a stream of archetypal material, the shadow material of humanity in all it’s many forms, and I become it as me – as who I am – and also as awareness, as what I am. I experience it from the inside.


– some personal, mostly archetypal material
– resistance, then allowing, then shift into honestly welcoming and befriending it even if the stream of material would never end


– adya: the dark seeks the light, the unloved seeks love, the unseen seeks to be seen, the unfelt seeks to be felt, the unembraced seeks embrace, the unappreciated seeks appreciationThe  – they seek me as awareness, love

– the shadow of humanity seeks to be felt, loved, seen, appreciated, embraced here….
– sometimes, feels like an endless, stream
– some resistance to that, but now, more appreciation of it – it is OK if it continues, if it “never” ends…..


Here is something that has been a major part of my process the last few years…. In periods, there is a stream of images and emotions/experiences that reflects the most “dark” places of humanity. It’s a steady stream, and I *am* what comes up, at a human level and also as awareness. It feels like the shadow of humanity wanting to be seen, felt and loved in me. I of course “know” it is my “personal” shadow, but it also in a very literal sense the shadow of humanity.

– also, “become” it physically, in my experience
– creates from mythology, fairy tales – “dark” creatures
– war etc.
– “become” it as me, as awareness, even physically in my own experience


unseen, under appreciated, unembraced, unloved

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