Dreams: Wise man and bridge, Kate Bush, and Mongolia

There is a war is going on in the distance. I take a young traumatized girl to a friend of mine, an older wise man. He welcomes her, and she will stay with him for a while. There is a shared knowing by most or all that this war is a precious gift, it brings people to clarity. The three of us also knows that the girl will find clarity and heal. Part of the healing process involves her crossing an old wooden bridge, more than once over some time. (Dream #1.)

I visit Kate Bush and stay at her place for a while. We get along very well, and there is an easy shared appreciation and understanding. She has three large orange snakes to deter potential burglars. I am a bit hesitant at first, and she informs me they are harmless. A fourth snake with different marking and large fangs appear, and she informs me that one is harmless as well, although it does occasionally bite. (Dream #2.)

I have a conversation about climate change in Mongolia with someone from Mongolia, while we are out hiking in a beautiful mountain  landscape. (Dream #3.)

Each of these dreams, visiting on a quiet Saturday morning, were quite beautiful. The war reminded me of WWI and happened in the distance, and we all knew the war was a great gift, it didn’t need to end. It was fine as it was. We also knew that the girl would heal and find clarity. My friend, the wise old man, had a long white beard and reminded me of Gandalf, Dumbledore and Merlin. There is a sense of intimacy, of all – the girl, the old man, me, the war, the confusion, the clarity, the process leading to clarity, the bridge – being expressions of life. The girl would find healing through crossing the sturdy and old wooden bridge, and I got the sense it symbolized the path to clarity through sincerity and investigation.

I experience a kinship with Kate Bush for some reason, perhaps because I recognize her eccentricity and appreciation for family, friendship and beauty in myself. In the dream, we had an easy and beautiful connection. Her snakes protected her, while really being harmless. Even the fourth one turned out to be harmless. My sense is that the snakes represent something quite powerful, something that may appear scary, and yet is really protecting. It could be a more powerful expression of life energy in general. For instance, it could be the life energy and vitality that’s being released these days, partly through TRE and inquiry, and previously bound in tension and within the boundaries of beliefs.

The dream about climate change in Mongolia was quite brief.


– a war (wwi), i took a young girl, traumatized, to a man similar to gandalf, dumbledore, merlin

– we both knew the war was a gift, bringing people to awakening, it didn’t need to end, it is fine as it is

– he took the girl over a bridge, knowing she would heal, back and forth over time


Dream #2

I am visiting Kate Bush, very good connection, mutual liking
She has three large orange/golden snakes to scare of potential burglars, they are harmless
A fourth show up, different colorings, large fangs, I am concerned it’s poisonous, she says it’s harmless too and only bites occasionally

Dream #3

I have a conversation about climate change in Mongolia with a mongolian woman while we are out hiking in beautiful mountainous nature


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