Guardian of the treasure

In fairy tales and mythology, there is often a guardian of the treasure.

It may be a dragon guarding a princess or gold and diamonds, or – in the case of Greek mythology – Cererbus guarding the gates of the underworld, preventing those who have crossed the river Styx from returning to the world of the living.

And I find this in my own life as well.

My treasure is what’s revealed when I (a) meet and befriend what I am experiencing now, and (b) inquiry into the stressful thought that’s here.

And the guardian is my fear of doing just that. My fear of looking at what’s here.

My fear of meeting and staying with what I am experiencing now – whether it’s discomfort, unease, pain, joy or fear itself. And my fear of identifying and investigating the stressful thought that’s here.

This guardian, this fear, is created by additional beliefs: It will be too much. It will open a Pandora’s box. Reality is unkind. Opening to it will be worse than avoiding it. Something terrible will happen if I open to my experience, inquire into my stressful thought.

What do I find when I inquiry into these thoughts, keeping a specific situation in mind?

Can I be with the fear of meeting what’s here, the guardian? Can I open to it? Can I stay with it, as I would a friend or frightened child?

Note: The guardian of the treasure can of course take many forms: fear, embarrassment, guilt, grief, anger etc. – whatever way I stop myself from looking at what’s here, and sharing it with myself and perhaps others. And it all comes from some simple beliefs.


– fear of looking at it, (a) meeting/being with the fear, pain, anger, grief etc. (belief-created emotions), (b) looking at, investigating the thoughts behind it
– the fear is a “guardian” of the treasure (as in many fairy tales, mythology etc. – something scary guarding the treasure, a dragon etc.)
– and comes from additional beliefs: it will be too much, it will open a pandora’s box, reality is unkind, what I’ll find will be worse than this, something terrible will happen (if I meet the experience, inquire into the thoughts)

– Cerberus, guarding the gates of the underworld to prevent people from leaving

Can I meet the fear of meeting what’s here – the guardian – as a friend? Can I be with it? Can I stay with it, as I would a frightened child?

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