Thoughts create my world

I had a conversation with a friend today, and she mentioned a talk by the main Breema teacher where he dismissed the pointer that thoughts create our world.

To me, it’s seems that thoughts clearly create my world. And I also understand that it can be looked at in different ways. He may have meant it in a specific way which is quite different from what the pointer brings up for me.

In a conventional sense, I see that my beliefs filters my perception of the world, and also often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe someone doesn’t like me, so I interpret what he says and does in that way. And I may avoid the person, which he may interpret to mean I don’t like him (which is true, I may not like him if I think he doesn’t like me), which in turn may make him decide he doesn’t like me. When I believe a thought, I see, feel and live as if it’s true. I find evidence for it being true. And through my actions, I may make it true (again, in a conventional sense).

Going a bit further, I see that my world of images and thoughts is – quite literally – my world. It’s the world as it appears to me. I see a tree, and have numerous images about and associated with trees which creates my experience of the tree. My images and stories creates what a tree means to me, what I feel about it, what I think about it, how I relate it. Without my images and stories, there would be nothing there for me. And the images and stories I am aware of are only the tiny tip of the iceberg. The wast majority of them are outside of my conscious awareness at any one time. It’s that way about anything in the world. What it brings up in me in terms of feelings, whether I like it or not, what it means for me, is all created from my own world of images and stories.

And it goes all the way to my most basic assumptions of the world, including that there is a world, there are beings, there is space, there is time, that images and thoughts are images and thoughts, and so on.

So in that sense, thoughts create my world. I cannot find anything in my world not created by my images and stories about it. And I get to see this very clearly, and in some detail, through various forms of inquiry such as  sense field explorations and The Work.

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