Breath and tension as the doorway

There are certain things that happens when mind identifies with images and thoughts, and creates beliefs. This is the doorway out of paradise, leaving a natural clarity.

And the reverse of these is the doorway back into paradise, into our natural clarity.

For instance, tension of certain muscle groups seems needed to support identification and the creation and maintenance of a belief. And release of this tension, for instance through neurogenic tremors, invites the identification to soften or release.

Likewise, shallow or held breath supports identification and beliefs, and a more free breathing – perhaps even an intentionally more full breathing – softens or invites the identification to release.

Releasing tension and opening the breath may support entering through the door again. And yet, something else is vital, and that’s examining the identification itself.

Mind identifies with an image or thought to protect the (image of a) me. By doing so, mind perceive, feel and act as if the identified with image or thought is true. It can only do so by not examining the image or thought very carefully for its validity. So the way back through this doorway is to examine the image and thought thoroughly. Is it true? Can I be sure it’s true? What happens when I believe it’s true? Who would I be without the belief? What’s the validity in the turnarounds of the initial thought – turning it around to myself, the opposite, the other.

This is why the simple process Barry and Karen shows people can be so effective. It includes sensations, breath, a natural relaxation, and noticing and taking a closer look at beliefs.

(1) Notice identification or contraction. (2) Bring attention to where it is in the body, to the densest and darkest parts. (3) Stay with the sensations, and breathe. Make the breath a little fuller. Notice if/how the sensations change over time. (4) Notice any images and thoughts behind the contraction. What does the fear say? Write it down, stream of consciousness style. (5) Look at these images and thoughts. Can you be sure it’s true? What would the divine/Christ (your higher self) say? Notice what happens when you believe it. Stay with the sensations and the belief in the knowing that the belief is not true. (6) Repeat. Find the place in your body that asks for your attention. Find the place that appears most contracted and dense.




– shallow breath + tension in the body (numbness) = making beliefs/identifications possible
– so the way out/through is the same, breath and release of tension
– staying with the breath, make it more full, and invite tension to release (tre etc.)

– breath and tension is the door into beliefs/identification, and the door out
– or, said the other way, breath and tension is the door out of clarity, and back into clarity



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