Adyashanti: Talk to yourself when you need to

Living in the world may require a bit more focus and effort for a while. It’s going to be a little awkward, a little strange, as you are going through this period of being more strongly pulled within.

You may be amazed, however, if you talk to yourself when you need to, and say “hey, I need to go to work, I need to function, and I promise to get back to you fully when I am not working”.

You may be amazed how sometimes something inside goes “OK, got to be practical”.

I know it sounds elemental, and almost silly, but it can be quite powerful in a simple way.

There is a wisdom within all this. If something in you knows that you are willing to let go into the attention inward, if you are really willing to do that, then some wisdom comes to the fore when you have to do practical things,  as long as it knows that the pull will be attended to.

– Adyashanti in conversation with a retreat attendee, track 195 of 198, silent retreat, March 2011

This goes along with letting the body know it’s OK for it to find health and vitality, and for the psyche to find health and sanity.

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