The divine inside the contraction

Sometimes when I do healing, I notice what seems like a “shell” in the energy system. Something is inside of a protective layer. If I do this healing from the “outside” of the shell, it can take a long time for it to soften and open up.

But if I remind myself that what’s inside the shell, and the shell itself, is the divine, it can open up quickly. Then, it’s the divine itself – as the shell and what’s inside the shell – opening up and healing and waking itself up.

This is when I do energy healing, aka divine energy healing, aka Vortex Healing. (For me, my “old” way of doing this healing and what’s come through Vortex Healing seems to have all all melded into one. It’s all the divine healing itself anyway.)

2 thoughts to “The divine inside the contraction”

  1. This gentle reminder that the protection is part of the divine is very helpful, and I am grateful for it ~ Thanks!

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