Tom Compton: Notice your presence when you are open to complete helplessness

Helplessness is one of those things most of us are trained to avoid. We don’t allow ourselves to open to helplessness. We struggle and wrestle with it.

So when we allow ourselves to open to it, what happens?

What happens if you open to your helplessness now?

I notice it opens to spaciousness and a sense of wholeness. It’s a relief. A certain pressure – the one that came from seing helplessness as “other” – is gone.

The reality is that we are completely helpless. We are completely dependent on the universe, Earth, the Earth community, the human community, and the kindness of strangers and friends and family. It’s a relief to open to this. (At the same time, we are not completely helpless. We can act. We can be good stewards of our own life. We can relate more consciously to our inner and outer world. And so on.)

––– DRAFT –––

This is one of the amazing things about facing and examining our fears. It shows us the beauty in opening to what we fear the most.

How can we open to what we fear the most? We can examine our scary thoughts about it. And we can find it in ourselves and open to it.

At a thought level, I see that I am already completely helpless. I am completely dependent on this universe, this planet, innumerable beings and humans, and their lives and – in many cases – kindness towards me.

At a more immediate level, opening to complete helplessness helps me rest as vulnerability and helplessness and what this happens within and as.

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