Receptivity II

Existence is God, Spirit, Buddha Mind, Big Mind. When we resist Existence, there is confusion and suffering. When we make ourselves available to Existence, there is clarity and bliss.

And the way we resist Existence, is through believing in thoughts. When we believe in thoughts, we believe a story about Existence rather than being receptive to what is – to the way it manifests here/now. We resist what is, because it does not – and cannot – conform to our story. And this resistance creates confusion and suffering.

When we are released from believing in the thoughts, we make ourselves available to Existence as it manifests here/now, in the seamless whole of the inner and outer world. And we can make ourselves available to this release through inquiring into the beliefs, or by experiencing ourselves as so much more than our thoughts. When we know ourselves as spacious awareness, and as a whole body/mind, thoughts just appear within the field of awareness. And when we stay in this field – this space around the thoughts – we can engage in them, or not, without being caught up in them.


This came up strongly during sitting this morning…

When we are fully receptive to Existence, when we fully surrender to Existence, we make ourselves available to all the gifts it offers to us. When we let go of resistance, there is a sweetness even in the pain, confusion and suffering.

And we see that there is really no separation. The outside and inside is a seamless whole, or rather – there is no outside and inside. We are enlightened by the ten thousand dharmas.


In any process towards healing (and awakening), deepening sincerity and honesty towards oneself is needed. When we can relax into what is – with all our fears, worries, tension, hangups, attachments, delusion, the pain triggered in ourselves and others by our actions – then it is allowed to transform and heal. As long as we deny it, there is a separation which makes healing difficult… Nakedness – just being a naked human being – is what we are invited into in this process… Just being who we are, allowing the filters of thoughts and ideas to drop… Surrendering to Existence, to what is – as it appears in the inner and outer world.

Nothing to Defend

As we inquire into beliefs – and awaken to the nature of mind – we are moving in the direction of nothing to defend.

When we are stuck in a particular view, there is rigidity, contraction and right and wrong. We are attached to and clouded by an abstraction. Our identity is fixed and limited. Buttons are pushed in everyday life. The nature of mind is covered up.

When we are free from stuckness, there is fluidity, openness, and multiple perspectives. We are free from believing in abstractions. Our identity is fluid and unrestrained. There are no buttons to push. The nature of mind is revealed as spacious clarity, as unfixed compassion and wisdom.

We are fully engaged in the world, clearly discerning and allowing choices to emerge, experiencing and acting free from any particular fixed view or identity.

Free of stuckness and stuck-upness, there is nothing to defend. Nothing to live up to. For any possible statement, we can say “yes, that is true of me as well”.

And as mentioned, this is a direction – something we taste and gradually live more fully. As long as mind functions through a human being, there is always room for improvement.