Dream: Old graves

I am in an old town and Alder F. is going to lead a series of workshops. He has a plot, but it’s an old cemetery with just a few graves. He asks me to dig them up and remove the bones etc. so the space is usable. I am reluctant. My inclination is to clean up the appearance of the graves, place candles there, perhaps have a Christian ceremony since they are Christian graves.

I am now in a more residential area. A lively young woman lives in a house there, with her sister next door. She asks me if I can dig out and remove a few graves there so she can use the space for gatherings and events. Again, I am reluctant. I am partly concerned about what I’ll find, and partly don’t want to disturb the dead.

The graves are old, perhaps 1000 years old. In both cases, the people who owns the area want dig up the graves and use the area for the living. They ask me to do it, and I don’t  really want to. I am afraid of what I’ll find (bones, decomposing bodies) and also feel a taboo against disturbing the graves. I want to avoid unpleasantness and am concerned it may be disrespectful.

I see that Alder and the woman take a more pragmatic approach, they want to make it work for the living. I stop myself due to conventions and taboos.

The dream may be an invitation to dig out and remove old graves, old stuff in my life that is still buried here. By doing so, the space is made available for the living, for life and what’s here now.

When I dive into shadow stuff and old knots, it does indeed feel like digging up old graves. I don’t know what I’ll find there. It may feel unpleasant at first. But after it is cleared up, the area is made available for life, for what’s here now. My conscious view is that I am already doing this, but the dream is telling me that I still hold back from digging up some of the older graves.

Active imagination: I dig out the graves, and it is not as uncomfortable as I had thought. It feels good to clean out the area so it can be used for something else. I also notice there are more bones in a wider area. It seems a big project, but important to do.


– old graves, 1000 years old?
– the people owning the area, wanted to dig them up, use the area for something else
– i didn’t want to do it, wanted to have a christian ceremony, clean up the appearance of the graves, place flowers and candles on etc.

– my approach, more conventional, more respectful in my view

– would it have been better to not let conventions stop it? to reuse the area for workshops, events etc. as the owners wanted? the owner was firs alder f. and then a spirited young woman whose sister lived in the neighboring house

– i was supposed to be one of the people digging it up, the dream shifted, thought i would be more likely to do it if a young women asked me (which is true)
– digging/cleaning out old stuff – i wanted to just honor it, make cosmetic/surface changes
– i may not be quite ready to go there, to clean out the graves completely
– the reason i didn’t want to do it was because i expected to find skeletons there, perhaps body parts, wanted to avoid unpleasantness, also felt it was respectful to let them stay
– taboo for me, they had a more pragmatic approach, what works for the living

– active imagination, see how it is to dig out the graves

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