Advice from Big Mind on inquiry

Big Mind, do you have advice for P. when it comes to inquiry?

Use inquiry as meditation. Allow yourself to be surprised.

You may also ask yourself a few questions.

Knowing conclusions in advance. Notice your tendency to know the conclusion in advance.

What happens when you go directly to a conclusion you already know? What happens when you allow yourself to use the questions as meditation, and be surprised by what comes?

What’s your fear about using inquiry as meditation, and be surprised by what comes up? What do you fear may happen? Make a list, take these to inquiry.

Intention. Clarify your intention for yourself. What do you really want? What would you like, if you can have anything and it doesn’t cost anything?

Is it truth? What’s your fears about truth? Write these down, and then take these to inquiry. What do you find?

If truth is what you really want, how would you do inquiry? Stay with this question for a while. You may also bring it up prior to inquiry.

Additional. You may also ask yourself: Is it true you cannot trust inquiry? What’s your fears about inquiry?


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