Birth mark reflecting an injury from a past life?

I tend to not write so much about classic “paranormal” topics here. I don’t doubt much of it is real, and I have ongoing experiences that confirms seeing auras, sensing without using the physical senses, life after death, and so on. Still, there are two reasons I tend to not write about it: It can unnecessarily push people away. And I prefer to write about things that are more practical and pragmatic. So here is an exception.

I am reading Surviving Death by Leslie Kean and it’s a well written introduction to serious research on what may happen after death. Most of it has been familiar to me for a while except one little detail that caught my attention.

People who have memories of being shot in a past life sometimes have birthmarks where the entry and exit wounds were.

During the initial awakening in my teens, I had a very vivid and strong dream of being a Russian anarchist in 1850s Russia. Somehow, I had knowledge of his full life and all the details belonging to that life.

He was an intellectual and spent time in Paris. He loved literature and art. And he was part of an informal anarchist group that had some members who wanted to use violence. Since he saw the use of violence as counterproductive, he said he would alert the authorities if others planned to use violence. Unsurprisingly, this was not well received.

In the dream, I ran over a frost covered field and knew I would be assassinated that morning. Shot through the head. It seemed very much like my most recent past life, and when I have checked with people with psychic abilities they have agreed.

When I shaved my head for the first time a few years ago, I noticed a birth mark on the side of my head. Until I read that paragraph in Leslie Kean’s book, I hadn’t made the connection between that birth mark and the apparent past life. The birth mark is exactly where that exit wound would have been.

So it may be that the dream did reflect a past life. And that the birth mark reflects my traumatic death in that life. Who knows but it’s an interesting connection, especially in light of the research Leslie Kean writes about in her book.

Note: This was initially written March 20, 2017 but I didn’t publish it for whatever reason. I decided to rewrite it slightly and publish it today, April 6, 2020.

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