Reality didn’t cooperate with a couple of my plans earlier today, and I had an opportunity to notice the effects of resistance.

I believed in a thought that was not in accordance with reality, and resisted my experiences – mainly an emotion I could have labeled disappointment. And this in turn caused discomfort, some confusion and lack of clarity, and a sense of hardness and one-sidedness.

As I allowed the resistance to soften, these effects also softened – I could feel myself opening up, the confusion and lack of clarity dissolve, and the sense of hardness and one-sidedness softening and dissolving. I felt more engaged and clear again, and more connected with myself, others and Existence.

And – just to rub in the futility of believing in a thought – as I relaxed the resistance and moved into a different space, I received a call which opened up for a far more desirable situation than what I had initially hoped for…!

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